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Beautifully simple people directories.

We're on a crusade to bring good people directories to the world.

We create smartphone apps to help people in organisations simply get to know the names and faces of the people around them and get in touch. No messy social network groups. No badly maintained intranet portals. No old, worn out paper lists. Just fast access to rich photos and relevant information about the people you engage with day to day, in real life, in your organisation.


Crisp views of your team

Browse your people as a continuous stream of large, clear thumbnails or switch to a list view for greater name visibility.


Customise your categories

Display the categories of your directory on your app home page. Select a category to browse its subcategories or filter by specific department or team.


Clear, consistent people profiles

Profile views display the simple, relevant information you choose to display about the people in your organisation. Add people to custom groups, mark them as favourites for quick reference or write notes on individuals to remind yourself of useful information about them.

Search & Filter

Find people. Fast

Use the quick filter to browse specific groups or use the powerful search function to find individuals based on any information you may know about them. All data and images are resident on your phone, ensuring the app is always fast and reliable, regardless of the quality of your data connection.

Quick to create & manage

All we need to get started are the photos and a spreadsheet of the data you’d like included. Once received, we’ll have your app ready within 48 hours. On-going updates to the app can be made quickly by our support team.

Secure access

Your information is only accessible by people to whom you grant access within your organisation. Authorised users are issued unique usernames and passwords and access is controlled by the administrator at all times.

Simple pricing

We charge an annual licence fee based on the number of people featured in the app. This fee includes all updates to your data over the course of the year. We also place no limit on the number of users you can grant access to.

Organisations we've worked with:


"Names & Faces is invaluable to both our parents and our staff."

Bruce Machlachlan, Hilton College Director of Academic Administration

"Names & Faces is our school's most well used and valuable resource."

Colleen Cook, Michaelhouse Marketing Officer

"Names & Faces is always eagerly anticipated and is probably opened somewhere on earth every hour of the day."

Murray Witherspoon, Michaelhouse Director of Marketing

"The response of the parents and staff to the Names & Faces concept was overwhelming. Fifteen years on, it is produced annually without fail."

Jan Esprey, Michaelhouse Retired Director of Marketing

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